About Us

Dentalight started in 1997 as a family owned handpiece repair shop that served local dentists. We soon realized that there was an opportunity to provide services that were not available to independent repair shops. We phased out our retail business with dentists and began providing fiber optic replacement and other specialized services to handpiece repair shops. Since then, we have replaced more than 22,000 fiber optic bundles and rods in dental handpieces along with many repairs available only from Dentalight. We also repair LED light systems in handpieces.

All work is done in our facility. This gives us full control over the quality of materials, workmanship and turn-around time of your customers' instruments. Materials used are the best that can be sourced, regardless of price. All products are rated for autoclaving and many exceed factory standards. For most repairs, we provide a six month warranty on materials and workmanship. 

We have developed relationships with manufacturers of highspeed spindles, impellers and bearings. These sources are ISO compliant and have a solid history of providing quality products. Because of these direct relationships, we are able to bring to market products that are available exclusively from Dentalight at a competitive cost.

Syntek full synthetic lubricants, aerosol and dropper, are proudly made in the USA. Drill Juice is a chuck cleaner, unique in the industry. These are brands that are owned by Dentalight. They are more competitively priced than foreign brands, allowing a better profit margin for your business.